Sunday, May 31, 2009


No need to elaborate why I post this video up...she took the words right out of my mouth!!!

Unexpected Fun...Is Almost As Fun As Getting Caught By Your Grandma!!!

Birthday Girl Erica

Me at ZEN

So last night I went out with my girl Erica to celebrate her 26th B-Day Weekend. So not that I didn't want to go out and celebrate her's just that I've been to ZEN like 4-5 times already and it has now lost it lust to most of the clubs in Pittsburgh. But wouldn't you know...I actually had fun! Other then those damn Roc-A-Wear cheap ass shoes hurting my damn feet...I had fun. I even met a new potential friend. So I can't wait to see how things turn out with him...*fingers crossed*.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

...I'm Also In Need Of Trip To Philly & DC W/My "KB GIRLS"

KB GIRLS: KillaC(Me), T-Nasty(Tamara), Bey(Brittany), Sister(Candace...she has so many These are the main girls that make my world go around...KEETON BOYD GIRLS!

So I think I shall be making a visit to Philly to see you ladies real soon...and yes Britt if necessary I shall make my way to DC if you can't make it!!!!

I'm In Need Of A Drink

This picture is from New Year's "09"...I look hella bent...but I had a bunch of fun. I'm hopping there will be more pics like this to come for Summer"09" as well.

She's A Bitch....

So it’s been brought to my attention that I nag and complain way too much! I'm never happy...and I'm a BITCH with a capitol "B"! And all I could respond was..."NO IM NOT YOU DUMB FUCK...YOUR THE BITCH ASS NIGGA"...and normally I don't have such a potty mouth, nor do I use the "N" word that often! But I mean...I know I'm not the easiest girl to date...especially when I start catching feelings for someone! Sorry!!!

Let's take a trip down memory lane...I just had a really bad break up...scratch that...I got heart took one on the chin like your boy Charles Hamilton!!! And I took it super was a boy I’ve been friends with for a while now…and from friends we began to date…and from there more in depth we became. We had a rough 2008, he left to join the military and I figured that that was it for us…until January 8th, 2009 I believe…I get a letter from him while at Boot Camp. The letter talked about how he missed me, and how things were going to be different. He comes home, we’re back together and it was like he put a spell on me…cause here I was ready to move away from family, friends, work...sacrifice my body to give this boy his first seed...was a Porno Star when it was called for and always stayed fly when we went out. And worst of all I gave him my heart...only for him to turn around and drop me for a rag a muffin...with nothing to offer but "community pussy"...then had the never to apologize, say he wanted to patch things up and give it another shoot! Only for me to find out you where still seeing everyone’s favorite “Bust It Baby”...yeah I heard about her! So yeah I was super pissed...maybe I was wrong for wishing he lost his legs and then had to come back home to where no one would be there to push him around & clean up his poop not maybe...I was wrong! And I apologized more than once! But he still felt the need to have another Bitch call me and tell me to leave him favorite part is how he made it seem like we just meet before he left for more military training...LMAO...what an ass!

But I’s just that I haven't been the same since! I've never been the type to bite my tongue...but at the same time I let the "X" slide and get away with shit...not showing up when he said he would, disappearing for a whole week...and the sex was still the same after 3 months of no sex...8mins tops...but we all know if you been out of commission for a long time, your lil men arrive super fast...NOPE not with him, it was still the same 8mins...and right there and then I asked him if he was having sex with someone else. And of course he denied it...and I took his word for it.

Which brings me to where I am today...short temper and quick with my tongue(and don't be a nasty yeah trust if I don't like something, it shall be known. Now don't get me wrong...I'm never mean with it...

...Take my current situation I'm in now...I'm not impressed by his stroke game, but I like him enough and want to keep him around...that I informed him of our current situation. And do you know he had the nerve a few days later to hit me with the "I think we should just be friends…who FUCK "… "WHAT YOU SAY…Nigga you can’t fuck, so how can we be friends?"…was my response, and he actually got upset with me. Now was it wrong for me to say such a thing…NO…because, I had already asked what his plans for me where. Because if he was just looking for a “Butt Buddy” I was not the one, I already have one…and you young man are nowhere close to his level, so sit it down! And if I was down with being your “BB”…you would have to know what you’re doing when it comes down to sex…and so far you’re on your second strike.

Now…I’m starting to fear that I am mean…cause after telling a few of my guy friends about what I said, they said it was a little harsh…NO MY FRIEND…harsh would have been saying it out loud while in the parking lot while the club was letting out…or posting his name and picture on the internet…LOL!!! But I didn’t, nor would I ever…cause I do like him…which is while I told him in the privacy of my own home!

So here’s the conclusion…I am not a BITCH…and I’m trying to work on my nagging, clinginess and I'm starting to see things sunny side up. But I will never stop telling you how I feel…POINT BLANK!!!!

I'm Back...And I'm On Some Other Shit...

Like always I've once again let my life drama get in the way of me blogging, being with friends and loving life. I've been in such a dark hole for awhile. Its funny how I allow certain people or should I saw a certain someone continue to take over me...but HEY that's enough of that...Summer is just about here...let's be friends & relax...Nice Seeing You Again!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


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