Monday, August 31, 2009

Alexi Wasser Is Boy Crazy

So the first time I saw this commercial I was obsessed with this girl...and no not the blond...the girl with great cut and the scary eyes. That was some time ago and after a long search for a few days with no results I gave up. Well to my surprise while reading over a new blog...they had a post about her and her blog. And wouldn't you's about my favorite subject...BOYS!!!! So far I'm a fan...actually started from her first post...which wasn't too far back! She has some funny videos and stuff on here as well. So go and check her out!!! IM BOY CRAZY . Also this video pretty much sums up her blog!!! ENJOY!!!

Boy Crazy Promo from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Aint Mad You...Cookies With Some Apple Juice


Malaysian Anti-Smoking Commericial (Kind Of Gross)

Don't Break My Heart!!!

Amber Rose

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So yeah...I hate her cause she's with my man Kanye...but if I had her body I would show up to work like this EVERY FUCKING DAY!!! I'm not sure what the contacts where about...but yeah!!!

I Know What I Like

I love this picture!

It was only 4 short years ago when I lost my virginity, and that was only a few months after receving my first kiss at 19! So by no means am I sex expert. If anything I'm still a student. But only recently at the age of 24, have I actually taken charge of my own sexuality in making sure I actually enjoy myself...just as much as my partner. It's sad to say...but something I also have found common among a lot of my girlfriends, that they too went thru the same thing at one point or another of not taking charge and making sure their needs where meet as well. Granted a lot of them are younger then me or only a few years older than me, but unlike them I lost my virginity at 20, when a lot of them lost it between 15-18 years of age.
By now if you actually read my know that I had a really nasty break-up at the begging of the year with a guy that I really loved, or should I say still really do love. But when it came to our sex life, with the few exceptions at the Red Roof Inn, it was pretty *BLUH*! Now I'm sure that neither of us having a place of our own, and our constant trust issues had a lot to do with that. I'm also pretty sure my lack of taking control and making sure my needs were met as well as his also had a lot to do with it as well. Also another reason is probably because I've only dated boys who have been 1 or 2 years younger than me, which wasn't by choice! But we all know that boys mature much slower than women. So at 20-22 I was dating someone who was 18-21. And actually I've only been with 2 guys who where older than me.
So this brings me too recently. Now I think the best type of sex is committed sex, sex within a committed relationship...and that will never change. But as of recently, in the past 5 months the last 3 months has been filled with great sex...not committed sex...but great none the less. And the funny thing about that is that the one was 3 years my junior and the other, I believe has a girlfriend...but he is older than me. So both go against everything I believe, but recently I have learned so much about me, what I like and what works best for me.
With the 21 year old I have learned to say "No", "WTF are you doing?" and "Do it like this..." when before I either didn't because A.) I didn’t have the time to be specific due to parents coming home soon or B.) Just not really knowing what I was doing. And with the other guy...who I've known for like two years now, he has taught me that I am sexy, without me having to be slutty! As well as few new positions.
Now like I said, both have been great sex, but a committed relationship I highly doubt will come out of either. But I have learned a lot about what I like, enjoy and especially what I hate..."Why are you going so damn fast? I can't go anywhere you’re my ride home!”...LOL!!!
So when I do finally get that committed relationship that I really do want, I know that I will be satisfying inside and out of the bedroom, now that I know what I like. Cause you really can't please others if you don't know how to please yourself!!!


Saturday, August 29, 2009

OH...You Can't Speak?!?

I hate when people say this to me. Especially people who really don't know me. Like, yeah when I first meet people I'm shy...but I do speak! And I usually speak first. My problem is when every time I see you "I" have to be the one to acknowledge that we are in the same room at the same time. Like the first few times...OK COOL! But then one day I'll see you and I'll just wait before I say anything, just to see how long you'll act like you don't see me. Then I'll say "Hey" and then they'll do "Oh Hey...I didn't even see you!" couldn't you? We in a closet BITCH! So after they fail the test by 1.) Not Speaking 2.)By acting like you didn't see me 3.)By giving me that generic ass response...I will no longer speak to you unless you start speaking to me first or until I forget not to speak to you...whichever one comes first!!! LMAO!!!

"It Aint Trickin If You Got It" -T.I.*

So what exactly does this mean? Cause I'm not exactly sure! I figure it ment that if they give it why not take it. Cause that's not tricking right? EXAMPLE: Courtney** gives incredible head *;-)* and in return Gilbert buys her a Louis Vuitton bag...but Courtney didn't ask for it. Does this fall under the "It Aint Trickin If You Got It" rule? Cause it would have been trickin if Courtney gave head in exchange for the bag knowingly!!! RIGHT? I don't know...but what's so wrong with trickin anyway? Not saying that I have...but let’s say "Bill Gates" was to find out about my impeccable lollipop game and offered me a MILLION dollars in exchange for a little damn right I would get the licking! You got to use what you got to get what you want...and my shit is golden!
So what does this statement really mean!!!

*I'm not promoting prostitution...I just don't see the problem with porn, stripping or the Bunny Ranch!
**Just using my's never happened to me!