Saturday, June 27, 2009

So Here's Where I Been...

I've been out for awhile now...but with very good reason! I've been trying to make sure my hands that currently look something like this.... (22 year old hand with rheumatoid arthritis) Didn't turn into this....

Due to me having Rheumatoid Arthritis I've been out of commission the last few weeks. This past Wed. I had a visit with my Rheumatologist about all the pain I had been experiencing as of the last few weeks. I told him that I had been having a popping going on in my knee since my last visit and how it was now happening every time I walk...which also was very painful. So I thought he was going to just have me get an X-Ray or something...NOPE!!! He just looked at me and said..."I can shoot your knee with steroids"... then this was my first reaction. And the worst thing about it was my mom didn't come with me this it was either take the shoot now by myself...or wait and be in pain. So I man'd up and decided to get the shoot. I guess my doctor could tell I was a little scared, cause he offered to have one of the nurses come and hold my hand...LOL!!! But I got the shoot, and so far I haven't notice a big knee is still killing me. He said that if in two weeks my knee doesn't feel any better, due to me having fluid in my knee...which is causing the popping and soreness...he's going to have to drain my knee....FML!!!

But that's what I've been up hands where also very sore which is why I wasn't blogging as well. But I'm hoping to get better for my family reunion and for my upcoming trips to DC,PHILLY, NYC and maybe FLA!!!! Wish Me Luck!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Current Facebook Status

Why is it...that I can't sleep at night...names keep running around in my head...Yours & His...hmmmm...what to do. I keep thinking about the "X" but I can't stop thinking about the "NEXT"...shoot all I want to do is be around him...but which one.....???

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm In Need Of Some Of This Tonight....

Yeah...I'm feeling a little lonely! It's natural to miss him like crazy...and I miss these times we shared with each other...I wonder if he miss them too...???
All pictures can be found at .

Monday, June 8, 2009

About Courtney Lynn....Old Myspace Poem

So exactly one year ago I posted this poem on my myspace blog.'s funny how things have changed with in just one year! Now I usually don't post none of my personal writings up...but being that it's already on my myspace page...I thought what hell...ENJOY!!!

About Courtney Lynn

I started to think that this shit has to get better...I mean, I have to grow from all of this...there's no way that this wouldn't have an effect on me...cause I'm human just like the rest of bad that you didn't see that shit before, cause now you have to pay attention to me. To big to look pass me, and to solid to look through me. So it's best that you speak when you see me...I promise not to embarrass you as I pass. My appearance of class shall speak for its self, as my walk will show my truth. A lady I be, and a Bitch when need be. Fucks up your car or Fuck choose....just choose wisely. Hurt to much to play games with you, so I'm here to put you on the game about who I am. Daddy's girl which makes me spoiled...So "No" I don't know...and slaps don't go well with me. But kisses and hugs would be the best way to get through to me, cause material things don't really move me. All I ask is for no lies and phone calls when you say you will. I promise to make you happy as long as you keep me smiling, and keep you coming as long as you keep me....LOL!!!

Cute Text :-)

So if you know me in real life you know I go thru dudes like toilet I'm no writting that makes people give me the side eye...SO WHAT!!! But like I was saying there is a new guy, and I think he has some staying power. Lol...this is what he texted me today after I told him about me wanting some cup!!! It's nothing major...I just enjoy getting texts from him :-)!!! Fingers cross on hoping he doesn't think I'm too crazy and out there!!!

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One Of The Songs That Made Me Fall In Love With Kanye...

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I remember when my step-dad brought me The College Drop for my 19th B-Day. I had came home early from school on some "My Tummy Hurts" BS...and I heard this joint...but I didn't really feel it until I got my first job straight after graduating...and I worked like 3-11 and was in college full-time....that shit was horrible. But I remember blasting this song as soon as I got off!!!


Birthday Sex (Remix) - Brooke Hogan....Ahhh...No...Yes...???

So Brooke Hogan took it upon herself to remix Birthday Sex...and it's alright it I may say. But I've always been a Brooke Hogan fan, more cause I love her show and that she has the body that I wish I could have...her and Ciara...but that's off subject...ENJOY!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Reads...June 6,2009

(NYLON Magazine, Best-Ever 400 Budget Recipes, Cooking-A Commonsense Guide, The Good Sex Bible, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)

Being that I now have weekends off, I've decided not to waste my days off by sitting around the house like I use to when I had off during the weekday! So I took a trip to my old job Burlington Coat Factory and got a cute dress and some gold sandals that I had already had in silver. I also made a stop at my favorite book store...Borders....and I got some great reads as well. Plus they where on sale which was a big bonus. Also don't get it wrong...when it comes to my "Bed Work" I'm grade A++...LOL...but a little review never hurts!!! But its a great book, until it got into the whole giving it to your dude from the back...yeah...Ahhh...No Thank You!!! I also brought two cook books...cause like my mom is always saying "Courtney you'er never going to get married...You don't know how to cook..." so yeah I heard that the way to a mans heart is thru his stomach and his penis...I think I got the 2nd one on lock with "DC" so I thought it would be cute if I cooked him up something sweet during my visit...LOL!!! And I've been wanting to read another grapic novel since I read "WATCHMEN" after seeing it with my "X"...and I got hooked to the whole comic book/novel I picked up The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen !!! Summer "09" is starting off on a good note already!!!

Wale ft. Lady GaGa - Chillin

This song just gets me hype for my upcoming DC trip!!! I haven't been there since "07" so it's a much dued trip!!!