Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Wiz Khalifa

You already know that I LOVE Wiz...and I'm in love with the direction of this video as well! I'm mad that I keep missing him live...due to my wacky ass friends, something always gets messed. But like I've said before...I'm a huge fan of his...and I don't care what anyone one has to say!!! Enjoy!!!

Wiz Khalifa-Name On A Cloud/Wussup

Monday, July 13, 2009

I Want A Truck!!!

I WANT A FORD F150....I want it to be all black, inside & out. But I want to put purple stars on it...LOL....THATS ALL!!!

I'm Back On A Diet....AGAIN

So if you followed me during my last blog that I had started last year...you may know that I went on a "No SEX Diet" from March "08"-January "09"...well I'm back on it. Being that my relationship didn't work with that Marine...*SIGH*...my break up with him really tore me up. Not only did I lose a boyfriend, but if you know me in "real life" you know that I lost my best friend...he really was my favorite person in the world...but I don't think he knew that!!! But the relationship didn't work out...due to mistakes on both our parts, his cheating...and my attitude was to blame....SOOOOOOOO which brings me to today. I've been seeing a few guys since me & him broke up in March...but they have been a waste of time so far. And truthfully I was trying to force myself to get over my EX by dating other guys...when really that doesn't work. And sex doesn't help either...now don't get me wrong, my sex life has been good...but its pointless when its not with the guy you want to be with. I mean...crying after you've had sex with someone who knows about your big break up is not a good look....LOL!!! Yeah that was a bad night. I was trying to be a pimp...but I'm to emotional for that shit!!! So yeah...NO SEX for me...not sure for how long...but I know it'll probably be for the rest of the summer at least!!!

I think this is going to make up for an interesting rest of the summer!!!! Wish Me Luck!!!s

I Could Really Use One Of These Today...

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another LOL From NikeTalk

So I'm up late...which is why I've posted so many damn videos...but before I decided to go to bed, I stopped by one of my favorite sites NikeTalk and saw this video under its "General" section...and thought this was pretty funny!!! And if your into shooting and fighting games like I am...you should think this is funny as well...

The end had me rolling!!!

If I had an iPhone I would get this app...

so when I have a "one on one" with my supervisor, I would only talk to her this way...lol! It's a pretty useless application...but it seems fun!!! Here's another video of another mouth that wasn't shown in the first video of a mouth with gold teeth...and if you know me you know I still want a grill...lol

sorry about the guy, he was the first one I saw and I'm to lazy to search for more!!!

I'm More Diddy...I'm No Loon!!!

So Loon is a Muslim now....

at first I didn't think it was him...but then he started talking. I use to love me some Loon!!! All I can say is Good Luck on your new journey!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Waste Of Music Video Goes To....

Drake....now WTF was you and Kanye on when ya'll saw this shit and actually thought this shit was good. T&A only works for a little while...and if you wanted that type of video "Best I Ever Had" was not the song to do it to. I like Drake because of his lyrical content...cause I'm not getting called a "Bitch" & "Ho" all the time. Now I know there was a lot of dry humor in the video..."But Drake all you ever taught us to do was stretch"...that got a little LOL out of me, but still Drake, come on this song was for the ladies. And I personally would have preferred to see more of your sexy "Light Bright" ass....so with that, I give you a pass. And when you come into my town I'm a have to give you your punishment...LOL!!!!